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Chinese Herbal Supplements & Natural Herb Remedies

Chinese Herbal Supplements & Natural Herbs

Welcome to newvita®, maker of premium chinese herbal supplements. Our all natural herbal dietary supplements promote good health by restoring your body's physiological balance, energy and harmony.

Chinese herbal supplements can help improve energy levels and your zest for life, allowing you to revitalize your body with marked improvement in your appearance, disposition, physical strength and emotional well-being.

If you are considering using Chinese medicine for your symptoms, we encourage you to explore the many herbal supplements and topical solutions newvita offers. From treating hairloss and beauty, to Chinese supplements for Men, or Chinese supplements for Women, newvita offers all natural Chinese medicine alternatives to help find relief from a variety of different symptoms. If you are unsure of which herbal supplements will work best for you, Dr. Cua offers a FREE online consultation to help you find a remedy that suits your individual needs. If you are a professional looking to learn more about Chinese Medicine, consider Dr. Cua's book: Chinese Medicine Made Simple.


Our Latest Product: Nano Herbs Light

Nano Herbs LightNano Herbs Light

Nano Herbs Light (NHL) can be used for over 700 physical conditions. They include but are not limited to pain management, organ/meridian imbalance, fatigue, depression, hair and skin, immune system, and even tumors.

Nano Herbs Light (NHL) contains Nano Herbs, Nano Vita Water and the Nano Light Systems. The combination of Nano Herbs and Nano Vita Water is filled in a glass vial then inserted into the Nano Light. The dual system delivers the herbal frequency through the vial to the acupuncture point(s), achieving precise and direct results.

The essential main elements include herbs, water and light. They play a significant role in the effectiveness of certain enzyme groups and regulate the biological activities in our body. Nano Herbs Light (NHL) is an enhancement of Cell Growth1. It can rebalance the cell's DNA structure and the Acupunture Meridian.

Shop Nano Herbs Light or shop our selection of Chinese Herbal Supplements.


Made from 100% Premium Natural Herbs

All newvita Chinese herbal supplements are prepared according to Dr. Luke Cua's proprietary methods that have been developed over many years of clinical research using both Chinese medicine and occidental techniques. The result is a line of herbal dietary supplements superior to any comparable products on the market today.

newvita products can help promote your health by restoring your body's natural physiological balance and harmony. It also improves your energy level and zest for life. Within a short period of time, your revitalized state should become apparent with marked improvement in your appearance, disposition, physical strength and emotional well-being.


Professional Testimonials:

Dr. Cua
Dr. Luke Cua's system allows practitioners who (like me) were not taught Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in medical school to easily utilize TCM herbal formulas with their patients, extending our capabilities to help our patients with safe, effective, and timetested natural remedies. Highly recommended!

- J.V. Wright MD
world renowned pioneer of integrated medicine

The use of newvita Herbal Products produced and formulated by Dr. Luke Cua has been very beneficial to my Medical Acupuncture Practice.  Dr. Cua's TCM course was understandable and rewarding.
- J. Turner, M.D.

I've been involved with the newvita for 5 years.  I've also had a personal in-office seminar with Dr. Luke Cua.  I highly recommend them and the fantastic work of Dr. Cua.
- Dr. H. Briks, D.C.

For the past seven plus years you have taught me so much and I will be forever grateful. These differences have not only touched my patients lives but mine personally.
- Dr. Rhonda Henry, Doctor of Nutritional Science

I have been using the NewVita product line for a few years and I am very happy with the results, I also use the Meridian System which is a very accurate way of measuring… I highly recommend them to all healthcare professionals. 
- Dr. T.L. Cummings, CTN, Ph.D.



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