Traditional Chinese Medicine for Hair Loss

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Like most traditional Chinese medicine practices, treatment for hair loss focuses on creating balance and harmony within the body by restoring proper Qi or vital energy.

Hair loss can be the unwanted result of several health conditions including, illness, inadequate nutrition, certain medications, aging, and more. TCM practitioners believe that hair growth is closely related to the health of the blood in your body, both in the amount of blood it has and its circulation. If the blood system is in optimal health, hair will appear naturally thick, rich and lustrous. If there is a blood deficiency, toxicity or something preventing blood from flowing to the scalp, the healthiness of hair will in turn suffer.

TCM practitioners believe that hair loss or alopecia can also be the result of reduced kidney energy. In TCM the kidneys help regulate hormonal imbalances, so regulating kidney health is essential to successful hair loss treatment. Therefore in traditional Chinese medicine, the goal for hair loss treatment is strengthening the blood, balancing the body’s hormones, restoring proper Qi, and allowing a healthy blood flow to the patient’s scalp.

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Recommended Products for Hair Loss:

Chinese Herbal supplements for hair loss should be used depending on the individual need. Dr. Luke recommends the following solutions to treat hair loss:

  • Indications:

    An herbal supplement which supports healthy hair, bones, nails, and skin.


    500 mg/capsule x 60

    Suggested Dosage:

    Adults: One to two capsules twice a day with meals.
    Children: One capsule once or twice a day with meals.

    $ 69.00
  • Size:

    15 ml (one month supply)


    Water plays an important role in cell communication. Our brain contains 70% water, blood 83%, muscle 75%, and bones 22% water. Water regulates body temperature, detoxifies cells and enhances our metabolic function. It protects and lubricates our joints, delivers herbs, minerals and oxygen in our cells and helps our organs absorb nutrients. Water optimizes our health.

    $ 45.00
  • Indications:

    Promotes healthy scalp (for better result: use “seven-star needle” 3 times / week).


    8 fl. oz. Bottle / External

    Suggested Use:

    • Fill up the small applicator with “Hair Plus” from the large bottle.
    • Squeeze out serval drops of “Hair Plus” onto the scalp and rub with the tip of the applicator.
    • Do not wash your scalp for at least six hours after applying “Hair Plus”.
    • Use “Hair Plus” twice a day.
    $ 139.00
  • Indications

    New technology to enhance of cell growth.

    $ 5,850.00