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Nano VitaŽ Water

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Water plays an important role in cell communication. Our brain contains 70% water, blood 83%, muscle 75%, and bones 22% water. Water regulates body temperature, detoxifies cells and enhances our metabolic function. It protects and lubricates our joints, delivers herbs, minerals and oxygen in our cells and helps our organs absorb nutrients. Water optimizes our health.

By integrating nanotechnology into new vitaŽ technology, we have engineered a revolutionary method to facilitate the delivery of herbs, nutrition and minerals directly into cells.

Nanotechnology can alleviate many health conditions by rebalancing the damaged double helix structure of DNA:

What is nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is the creation of functional systems at the atomic and molecular level. This world is measured in nanometers. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, 1/80,000 the width of human hair, 1/2,500 of a red blood cell, and about 1/2 the diameter of the DNA double helix. Since the pathophysiology of health conditions often begins at the molecular level of DNA, nanotechnology is well-suited to heal at the very source of the health issue:


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Cell phones and computer expose us to radiation daily…

Nano Water Radiation


  • Nano VitaŽ Water plays an important role in cell detoxification and is the best water to drink.
  • Nano VitaŽ Water promotes healthy cell DNA, immune system, bone, skin, nail, hair, and organs.
  • Nano VitaŽ Water can rebalance the DNA double helix structure by scientifically delivering nutrients to our cells.
  • Nano VitaŽ Water stabilizes the column of water clusters at the core of each DNA double helix

Compare the meridian analysis charts to see the patient's improvement after taking Immuny IIŽ and Immuny 5TM with Nano VitaŽ Water:

Before and after

Suggested Use

When drinking Nano Vita Water, also well-known as double helix structure water, Nano Water and Vita Water, the stable water clusters will fortify and rebalance the body's double helix water column. Nano VitaŽ Water should be consumed daily to promote strong and healthy cells, lymphatic, circulatory, digestive and acupuncture meridian systems. It supports optimal health and vitality throughout the entire body. Prepare a fresh daily mixture by adding 10 drops of Nano VitaŽ Water to 10oz. distilled water and shake 100 times. Drink 5oz. with or without new vitaŽ herbal supplements twice daily.

Instructions to get 10 drops of Nano VitaŽ Water out of the bottle: 1) Shake the bottle. 2) Open the cap and make the bottle upside down (don't touch the dripper). 3) Tap the bottom of the bottle to get the drops.

Even though distilled water lacks minerals, it is not important since we obtain 95% of our minerals from foods and less than 5% from water.

Nano VitaŽ Water

Price : US$45.00

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