Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Chinese Medicine is rooted in a deep traditional culture with some practices having been passed down for many centuries. In a modern world driven mostly by Western medical practices, Chinese medicine has recently seen a surge in popularity among Westerners seeking a natural alternative for many of their medical conditions. The successful effectiveness of Chinese medicine is no longer being overlooked by patients and medical professionals around the world. Many people choosing to seek out alternatives to Western medicine are presented with different options including Chinese herbal supplements, topical solutions, nano vita water, acupuncture and other traditional Chinese practices to target a full array of ailments ranging from hair loss and the common cold, to more serious medical conditions that require medical intervention.

The Body’s Harmony: Qi, Yin and Yangyin yang

When dealing with health problems, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes an approach of examining the overall body while incorporating physical, emotional and psychological factors, with emphasis of restoring the body’s physiological balance and harmony. The two concepts fundamental to Chinese medicine are Qi (pronounced chee) and yin and yang. Qi is usually translated to “vital energy” and yin and yang refer to the harmony of the force elements that make up existence. A system in good elemental balance and harmony leans towards good health, well being and sustainability. Disharmony of the system can cause the system to lean towards illness, disease and suffering.

The use of Chinese herbal supplements, acupuncture, massage techniques and other lifestyle changes can bring each patient back to a good state of health. Chinese medicine can be fast acting and but it can also require some time to see results so it is important to not only start treatment on the supplement level, but also maintain it through healthy lifestyle changes as well.

Chinese Supplements Can Help

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(Dr. Luke Cua is the creator of newvita products, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, National Board Certified Chinese Herbalist, Master of one needle Qi-Gong acupuncture, and 7th generation Chinese Medicine Practitioner.)